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Lisa is a writer and lawyer who lives in Sydney, Australia.


Her debut novel, The Covered Wife, is published in Australia and New Zealand by Pantera Press.


She is represented by Catherine Drayton of Inkwell Management, New York. 

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The Covered Wife is an intelligent, unusual and gripping debut, that takes us from a seemingly perfect marriage deep into a closed community and asks, ‘Where would you draw the line?’

"Lisa Emanuel writes of family, of love, of anger and desire with lyricism and authority." Kathryn Heyman, author of Fury.

"Emanuel’s penetrating gaze dissects both the eroticism and the destructiveness of ideologies and ideologues with the skill of a brain surgeon. Mortifying in the best possible of ways, and moving, and brilliantly evocative, The Covered Wife is a captivating excursion into secretive communities and the secrets of the human heart." Lee Kofman, author of  Imperfect

"The Covered Wife is a gripping novel that articulates the disharmonies of modern life—motherhood, marriage, work-life balance, and the metaphorical greener grass. Emanuel writes about Judaism with love and respect, but isn’t afraid to explore the darkness of what might happen when a religious group is twisted by its leaders into a full-blown cult. The pressures of contemporary womanhood are written about with the same non-judgemental stance—for the women in this book, the value they put on motherhood or their careers is treated as personal and complex. With its nuanced exploration of all these themes, and the chilling final pages, this is a book that will linger in your mind." Ellen Cregan, Kill Your Darlings

"... a perfect book club choice for discerning bibliophiles." Scott Whitmont, Books + Publishing

"Lisa Emanuel’s debut had me hooked from the opening chapter. She has crafted a gripping page-turner that reads like a thriller, each chapter urging you to read more." Better Reading

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Catherine Drayton

Inkwell Management, New York




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